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UNEB Section

Welcome to Entebbe Junior School. This website is designed to give you an overview of life and work at the school.

Entebbe Junior School is a private non-selective, co-educational, Day and Boarding Primary School which with effect from September 2011 will begin running on a dual curriculum i.e the Ugandan Curriculum set by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) and examined by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) at Primary Seven level and the Cambridge International Primary.

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  • About us

    About us

    Entebbe Junior school is a private modern, Day and boarding school, founded in the year 2000, We offer both the

  • Nursery Curriculum

    Nursery Curriculum

    Welcome to Entebbe Junior Nursery and Day Care Welcome to Entebbe Junior Nursery and Day Care. We provide an educative,

  • Primary Curriculum

    Primary Curriculum

    Welcome to our Primary Section We have a boarding section for children who come from distant destinations. Currently we have

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About us

Entebbe Junior school is a private modern, Day and boarding school, founded in the year 2000, We offer both the UNEB and Cambridge curriculums respectively. Our Cambridge examination registration number is UG018. Our mission is to be a centre for quality and affordable International Education that enhances skills, discipline, Integrity and professionalism to all stakeholders.

We stay true to this by setting very high education and moral standards for our students and staff, the proof of this lies in our continuous excellence in the Cambridge checkpoint exam that the students have sat for over the years, we have aspired to aim high in all the spheres of educating a child to make them dynamic, independent and creative thinkers.

The Management

The managing directors Captain Darlington Omamateker and Mrs. Rose Omamteker are the owners of the school, the need to provide quality and affordable international education drove them to start the section.

The international section is competently run by Ms. Michelle Omamateker who is the director of the section.

Fees Structure for Day Scholars


Transport per Term

Village Double Single Village Double Single Village Double Single
Kanagwa  310,000/= 240,000/= Kinyarwanda 290,000/= 220,000/= Kitinda 337,000/= 266,000/=
Virus 310,000/= 240,000/= Kitooro 290,000/= 220,000/= Lyamutundwe 360,000/= 290,000/=
Nakiwogo 310,000/= 240,000/= Kiwafu 290,000/= 220,000/= Mpala 360,000/= 290,000/=
Lunnyo 310,000/= 240,000/= Lugonjo 310,000/= 240,000/= Kawafu 360,000/= 290,000/=
Nsamizi 310,000/= 240,000/= Nkumba 310,000/= 240,000/= Bubuli 385,000/= 310,000/=
Town 310,000/= 240,000/= Kitubulu 310,000/= 240,000/= Kitala 410,000/= 385,000/=
Manyago 310,000/= 240,000/= Kabale 310,000/= 240,000/= Bukandekande 410,000/= 385,000/=
Katabi 310,000/= 240,000/= Baita 310,000/= 240,000/= Kisubi 410,000/= 385,000/=
Bugonga 310,000/= 240,000/= Bunono 310,000/= 240,000/= Kasenyi 420,000/= 385,000/=

School fees Primary section

Items Boarding Section Day-scholars Non Ugandan Pupils
  Day                              Boarding
Tuition fees 1,500,000/= 800,000/= 900,000/= 1,600,000/=
Development fee (paid once) 200,000/= 200,000/= 200,000/= 200,000/=
Registration 20,000/= 20,000/= 20,000/= 20,000/=

Requirements for day scholars

  • 1 ream of Rotatrim paper (P.3 – P.7).     
  • Remedial lessons P.1 & P.2 100,000/=.
  • School fees Nursery Section
  Ugandan children International children  
Nursery half day 650,000/= 700,000/=
Nursery full day 750,000/= 800,000/=
Development fee (paid once by Newcomers) 200,000/= 200,000/=
Registration fee 20,000/= 20,000/=
  • Uniforms
Item Quantity Amount
Blue school shirt.(For all) A piece 25,000/=
Games T- shirt   (For all) A piece 20,000/=
Games shorts (For all) A piece 20,000/=
School shorts (P.1 – P.3) A piece 25,000/=
School shorts  (P.4-P.7) A piece 30,000/=
Skirt ( P.4-P.7) A piece 35,000/=
Skirt (P.1 –P.3) A piece 25,000/=
Sweater A piece 55,000/=
School socks ( For All) A pair 10,000/=
School neck tie (For P.5 – 7 only) A piece 5,000/=
Trouser optional (P.4 – P.7) A piece 50,000/=
Trouser  optional (P.1-P.3) A piece 45,000/=
School shirt A piece 25,000/=
School short A piece 15,000/=
Games T – shirt A piece 20,000/=
Games short A piece 15,000/=
School socks A pair 10,000/=
Sweater A piece 55,000/=
Trouser (optional) A piece 20,000/=
Total                      190,000/= (9 pieces)

P.1 – P.3     Total amount              215,000/=(9 pieces)    
P.4 – P.7     Total amount              230,000/=(10 pieces)  


P.1 – P.3 Total amount           215,000/=(9 pieces)

P.4 – P.7 Total amount           240,000/=(10 pieces)

School bags for all                          80,000/=
Summary:   Embroidering 5000/= per piece (paid in cash to the Bursar)  
Call: 0414321923 (Office)/ 0757-654787  (Head teacher) / 0752-984322 (Headmistress)